MADA Now 2017 Graduate Exhibition

MADA Now is an annual exhibition that showcases the work of MADA’s final year students that is open to the public. It is based in MADA’s learning spaces and galleries with a variety of projects from over 300 students that have studied in either the art, design, or architecture disciplines. The work showcased includes; paintings, sculptures, sound pieces, architectural models, industrial design prototypes, communication design artwork, illustrations, and animations.

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Hone-PDHone Product Design
Prosthetic products by Hone Product Design at AOPA 2017

October 4th – 10th was National Amputee Awareness Week in Australia. Coinciding with that week was the annual AOPA (Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association) Congress at Crown Promenade, Melbourne.

Among the businesses displaying at the Congress was Hone Product Design’s partner business Form Prosthetics. The design team at Hone Product Design are proud to be the designers behind Form’s range of custom cosmetic & protective covers for prosthetic legs.

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How is 3D Printing Changing People's Lives?

3D Printers have been around for some time now. These devices, traditionally used to produce physical prototypes from digital models have become more popular and affordable over the past few years. This has allowed for wider adoption and exploration of the technology for various applications. One benefit to have come from this has been creating potential healthcare solutions for humans. You can create everything from toys to car parts, from robot models to high tech medical inventions. Many of which have helped improve people’s lives.

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Documentary Film on Dieter Rams

Gary Hustwit, the filmmaker known for the great documentaries; Objectified, Helvetica, and Urbanized is now making a documentary about Dieter Rams. Rams is an iconic Industrial Designer behind Braun's and Vitsoe's design legacies. He has inspired scores of designers across several disciplines, including Jony Ive of Apple. The documentary is set to launch in September and we are excited about it. Read more about the film on FastCoDesign.

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