Every project has unique objectives, our team of industrial designers, product design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and structural designers, draw on diverse backgrounds to create exceptional design solutions here in Melbourne Australia. Led by Managing Director; Anthony Petterson, and Design Director; Lee Baker, we work to design world-class products, build businesses, and grow brands.


Good design goes beyond just the physical product. At Hone PD, we consider every aspect of the user experience; from seamless functionality, beautiful aesthetics, intuitive interfaces, to inspiring packaging & presentation. Material selection, manufacturing costs, and supply efficiency are also of key importance to ongoing product and business success. We combine an understanding of users through market research, a proven design process from concept to detailed design, and technical expertise in engineering and manufacturing to deliver great products. 


 With over 30 years of combined experience in a wide range of industries from heavy engineering to consumer electronics, designers amongst our team have developed products that have won the Red Dot, iF Design, and CES Innovation Awards. Our clients include both large and small business of whom we have enabled to succeed through end-to-end product design and well-established capabilities in manufacturing, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, electronics engineering, and brand identity design through our partner companies. 


Contact us at 03 9939 8880 to find out more about how we can help develop your project.