Smart Home Devices, Necessary Or Just Good Fun To Have Around?

Nowadays, everything in our lives is interconnected. From smartphones and computers to our home’s lights, thermostats and water systems. Technology has evolved so much that now even our houses can be intelligent.

Our devices can be in constant communication and can be controlled via voice command or the simple push of a button. Wouldn’t you love to turn the aircon on before you get home for work?, or switch off the lights you left on through an app, or controlling the music or tv channels just via voice command?

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well, that’s the internet of things (IoT), and it's a key component for smart homes.

The number of smart home devices available is growing at a blinding rate, with many different features to tempt the user. There are of course some standouts that are proving most popular. The first one we could mention is “Google Home”.

Google Home, Gizmodo.

Google Home, Gizmodo.

This little speaker acts as a hub for all things Google in your house; hands free calling, entertainment, pro-active assistant, integration with other devices, music play, among others.

Similar competitors include the Amazon Echo or the Panasonic SC-GA10. Both of which have very similar functions, fetch music from similar sources and are stumped when voice commanded by a similar set of questions.

In addition to these ‘all-rounder’ Smart home devices, there are also an increasing number of devices that work more specifically for different home functions by adding intelligence, automation or remote connectivity. Some of which are all about making your life easier, but there are also some that are designed to help you save money, improve the security in your house, or give increased safety in the home.

For example the Be On Starter Pack. Which is one of the best reviewed smart security lighting systems. This device is basically an intelligent light bulb that keeps shining when the power goes out, turns on automatically when it ‘hears’ your doorbell or alarm, and even replays your typical lighting patterns when you're not home, thus adding a great security feature quite simply. Similarly, August’s Smart Home Lock is a smart lock that is installed into the door of the home and allows the user to control the lock from their phone. It adds smarts to the deadbolt you already have.

Panasonic SC-GA10,

Panasonic SC-GA10,

All these devices are meant to change the way we interact with our homes, be it listening to music, or locking up. There’s no question that we’ve become far more dependent on technology, enjoying the way that it makes our lives easier (usually!). You could even say that technology has in some ways made us complacent; that we’ve come to depend on it to solve our daily problems, remove our work, or thinking. Because of this, some may criticise that such devices are a waste of resources and are unnecessary. Whether in agreement with that way of thinking or not, it is hard to argue with the fact that many smart home devices might not seem vital for a home, however they can help us save on of our most valuable resource, time.