Stay Tray, Australia's only reusable drink tray

Stay Tray is the brain child of Kate Stewart, a young Mum and driven Victorian entrepreneur.  Since the introduction of the Keep Cup as an alternative to disposable coffee cups, countless numbers of reusable coffee cups have hit the market.  This created a reusable culture that revolves around the take-away coffee industry but until now, there has been no alternative to the cardboard multi-cup tray.

After observing this need for a reusable coffee tray and motivated by social and environmental responsibility, Kate set about making the tray a reality.  Kate then approached Hone to help her to bring it to life.  With the simple brief of a reusable coffee tray the scope soon extended to include all sorts of drink vessels including disposable and reusable coffee cups, water bottles, sports drinks and alcoholic beverages.

This extended brief brought about a new set of challenges which we set about to solve.  With a little lateral thinking and Aussie ingenuity we managed to produce a design that accommodated about 95% of disposable and reusable cups and bottles, making it truly cross-functional.

With a focus on ethical and sustainable production and work practices, we sourced local suppliers for both the recycled material, used to make the tray, as well as the tooling and production.  This allowed Kate to visit and work closely with the suppliers to ensure product quality and delivery.  To help Kate build a successful business, we also assisted in packaging and point-of-sale design, marketing collateral and website SEO.


Stay Tray - The reusable drinks tray

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