Dermal Hub Halo

The Halo by Dermal Hub is the brainchild of two sisters Asli and Derya. Created to help reduce aging through the reduction of wrinkles and the development of melasma by protecting the face from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Derya’s background as a dermal clinician gave her the insight to identify a need to protect not just the eyes but the entire face from UV damage. When we were approached by Dermal Hub they had a very strong and clear vision for how the halo would look and function. We worked together with the Dermal Hub team to embody heir vision into the Halo it is now.

Throughout the development process, you would be surprised how many challenges we came across for such a seemingly simple product.  These primarily revolved around the technical challenges in molding the shape as well as the requirement for it to be optically clear.  The visor is also hardcoated with 7 different layers and heat treated to create a tough, scratch-resistant outer which again presented it’s own set of unique challenges.

After going into production the Visors were launched in November with a party in an inner Sydney suburb, attended by the HonePD team. The Halo is now available for purchase online from Dermal Hub.


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