Through a deep understanding of the end user, we develop products that excite the senses, redefine the future, and build successful businesses in Melbourne and around the world.

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Done really well and exceeded expectations… I love the care put into it.
— Chris Stenhouse, Director of CSW
We recently completed a project with Hone PD and particularly appreciated their considerable ability as industrial designers and their capability to adapt while moving the project towards completion. Would highly recommend!
— Julia Wilson, Founder of Minbie
We’ve worked with Hone since day one founding our business and we continue to do so today. Great work, and good people.
— Anthony Nasr, Founder of Solid State

Our industrial design process utilises; research, design, prototyping, manufacture, and packaging, to transform your ideas into products consumers will love.


You can trust our experienced team to manage your project to a successful execution. We are dedicated to getting your product to market both on time and on budget.

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Every project has unique objectives, our team of industrial designers, product design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and structural designers, draw on diverse backgrounds to create exceptional design solutions here in Melbourne Australia. Led by Managing Director; Anthony Petterson, and Design Director; Lee Baker, we work to design world-class products, build businesses, and grow brands.


Good design goes beyond just the physical product. At Hone PD, we consider every aspect of the user experience; from seamless functionality, beautiful aesthetics, intuitive interfaces, to inspiring packaging & presentation. Material selection, manufacturing costs, and supply efficiency are also of key importance to ongoing product and business success. We combine an understanding of users through market research, a proven design process from concept to detailed design, and technical expertise in engineering and manufacturing to deliver great products. 


 With over 30 years of combined experience in a wide range of industries from heavy engineering to consumer electronics, designers amongst our team have developed products that have won the Red Dot, iF Design, and CES Innovation Awards. Our clients include both large and small business of whom we have enabled to succeed through end-to-end product design and well-established capabilities in manufacturing, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, electronics engineering, and brand identity design through our partner companies. 


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Insights & Design

In order to design a useful and innovative product, we first seek to understand your target audience as deeply as possible through design research. The insights we uncover from the investigation of their needs and way of life drives the creative generation of ideas that we undertake and develop into design concepts. In conceptual design, we envisage a wide spectrum of potential solutions, all aimed at delivering outstanding consumer experiences.


Development & Delivery

By establishing the requirements for your product to thrive in the market, we initiate the detailed development of your product, transforming it from a concept to a manufacturable design. We invest the care required to design a product that is sound in form and function, that positively engages consumer's emotions and works seamlessly. Through diligent evaluation, prototyping, iteration, and visualisation, we ensure that the design is well refined in all aspects to meet not only technical compliance requirements but also consumer aspirations.



Manufacture, Supply, & Marketing

To bring your design into a tangible finished product, we identify and engage the most suitable manufacturers for your product amongst our partners and network. Whether your goal is competitive production costs or environment-friendly production, we know the right suppliers. With our packaging design, brand identity design, and product photography partners, we will see you through the final step to get you ready to introduce your product to the market.


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Form prosthetic covers

Form Prosthetics is transforming the loss of a limb from a stigmatised state into one that attracts awe and admiration. We worked with Orthotic Prosthetic Solutions in Western Australia to develop the custom prosthetic covers that are beautiful in form, and versatile in fit. 

The covers are personalised to fit each amputee, and embody a variety of artistic 3D and printed aesthetics that suit different tastes and personalities. They are additively manufactured in high-grade polymers, include a patented system that allows a flexible yet robust fit, and are intuitive to wear through magnetic locks. 

In addition to form's design, we have and continue to, oversee the manufacture and assembly of each custom cover, their packaging, and distribution. We also continue to develop and conduct Form's marketing strategy.


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Other Projects


Dell Adamo XPS

Hone PD's Design Director worked with Dell's Experience Design Group in London to design one of their flagship innovation products, the Dell Adamo XPS. Targeted at the ‘on-the-move’ executive, the Adamo XPS was small, light and super connected. Winner of a Red dot, IF and CES design awards, the Adamo XPS held the title of the worlds thinnest laptop.


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MaxLight LED Lighting

We worked with MaxLight in Melbourne to design numerous commercial lighting products including the Slice LED, a commercial light fitting suitable for both Surface Mounted and Ceiling Recessed applications. The light fitting reduced shipping and warehousing costs through an optimised design rationalising parts across various assemblies. The Slice LED has become one of Max Light's most popular products selling tens of thousands of units annually. We continue to work with Max Light in the industrial design and facilitation of the manufacture of new products.


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Riverina Allweld Ute Tray Bodies

Steel fabrication modeling & design for Riverina Allweld worked to improve workflow efficiency on the shop floor while allowing for simple modifications to Tray body designs as required. The design was setup to achieve fast customisation to suit various vehicles and add-ons as requested by clients. Using 3D CAD design models containing all components including sheet metal, weldments, fixings & shelf items such as locks; we can ensure our designs fit up and work as an overall unit prior to going to fabrication. Images created in this process can also be used to market these products at these early stages of development for both tendering and client approval. The resulting CAD files can then be exported directly to workshop cutting and bending machinery ensuring a perfect outcome for the fabricator.


Riverina Allweld

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Solid State for Men

Solid State Cologne is a portable alternative to traditional spray cologne. The Melbourne based business approached us to redesign their cologne containers to embody the level of quality that their brand and products carry. Working with Solid State and precision manufacturing facilities, we designed a highly durable container produced in die-casted Aluminium.

The container is of a minimal yet bold form with generously chamfered edges. It slides open to reveal the wax cologne and closes with a secure click. The highlight of the container is it's satin-finish achieved through electrophoretic deposition, resulting in a remarkably smooth surface, delightful to touch.


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